Ovehauling a Poljot

Rolex Moscow Rolex Moscow
My wife traveled to Russia and captured these images of the Rolex RSC in Moscow. She did not bring me back a Rolex, but she did bring me back a Poljot watch that she found at a neighborhood flea market.
This is a manual wind, 17 jewel with date. The watch is about 38mm wide, acrylic crystal, with a crack on the side. The bottom of the face is labled "Russia." Poljot Before
With the caseback removed, it is definately manual and definately budget. It appears that there are aluminium parts, and the case is held in with a plastic/nylon snap-in ring. Poljot Caseback Removed
The caseback is primarily in English, for the English speaking market(?), or at least that is what the seller indicated. Poljot Caseback
Out comes the movement. The Poljot uses a lot of large plates, similar to some German designs. Poljot Watch Movement

Off comes the calendar plate and everything looks similar to an ETA manual wind movement.

The spring and hook at 6:00 and 12:00 o'clock are a little different from ETA and was a little problematic to figure out.

Poljot Watch Movement
Flip the movement over and more plates, rather than bridges holding everything in place. The balance wheel is removed. Poljot Watch Movement
Off comes the main plate to view the wheel train. Poljot Watch Movement
There is a plate that holds the second wheel in place. One cannot say that this movement isn't built sturdy. Poljot Watch Movement
Here is an image of the casemark located at 6:00 o'clock. I am sure the crown signifies something, but there are no other crown logos other than on the caseback. Poljot Watch Movement
After running all the wheels, and parts through the ultrasonic, back together it goes.... Poljot Watch Movement

Here is the finished watch. A little case buffing, the hands re-seated, and the crystal buffed and the watch looks better than it did before.


I am still having difficulty getting the date mechanism to work correctly, but I'll save that for a different Saturday.

The watch runs well.

Poljot Watch Complete
Poljot Watch Movement Tested Poljot Watch Movement
The timing machine showed mixed results. The rate is constant and the amplitude is strong, the the rate swung widely in each position.
The timing machine should look like this, but this is from a different watch <grin>. Rolex on Timing Machine