Whatta Watch - The Rolex SD43 Ref 126600

After wearing a Rolex GMT Ref 126710BLRO for a little more than a year, I decided to trade it for the SeaDweller Ref 126600. The updated SeaDweller includes a new movement, larger 43mm size, and a controversial date cyclops on the crystal.  I swapped the GMT for reasons that I discuss here.

More commonly known as the Rolex SeaDweller 43 or SD43 referencing the larger 43mm size, the “43” is perhaps the most comfortable watch that I have worn.  I had a suspicion that the watch would fit well after my experience with the DeepSea SeaDweller (DSSD) Ref 1166660, and the SD4000 Ref 116600.  I’ve come to the realization that the secret to wearing heavy watches on my 6.75”-7.00” wrist is the ability to strap them tightly which the Glidelock clasp allows you to do easily.  Additionally, the increased height off the wrist helps with comfort preventing the crown digging into the back of the hand when the watch is worn loosely. 

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