Rolex Dealer Cards

Rolex Watch GMTII SubmarinerRolex Dealer Cards were printed in the mid-1990's and distributed to sales people at Rolex Authorized Dealers. These cards are laminated and intended to act as notes for the sales person to refer prior to and while selling Rolexes.

The intent behind the cards is stated on the back which is as follows:


"It is very important that the information you give to a prospective customer about Rolex and Tudor watches is correct, and the better and more accurately you are informed, the more likely you are to be successful in making a sale.

These cards are designed to allow you to have at a glance a wealth of basic information on Rolex and Tudor watches. They can be used both for reference while you are actually engaged in selling and as a source of detailed information to commit to memory."

The cards are scanned in order from front to back. The entire set can be downloaded by right clicking this link and saving to your desktop (7MB .pdf file).

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Card Fronts

Rolex Product Information Cover About Rolex
Rolex Historical Milestones Rolex Oyster Case
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Rolex Functions of the Winding Crown
Rolex Positions of the Crown Rolex Chronometer Seal
Rolex Braclets Rolex Warranty
Rolex Airking Rolex Perpetual
Rolex Date Rolex DateJust
Rolex OysterQuartz Datejust Rolex Day-Date
Rolex Day-Date Karat Rolex Day-Date Karat Plat
Rolex OysterQuartz Day-Date Rolex Oyster Perpetual
Rolex Oyster Perpetual DateJust Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31mm
Rolex Karat 31mm Rolex Karat Plat 31mm
Rolex Oyster Lady 24mm Rolex Lady Date 26mm
Rolex Lady-DajeJust 26mm Rolex Lady DateJust 26mm
Rolex Lady DateJust WG 26mm Rolex Lady DateJust Karat 26mm
Rolex Lady DateJust Karat 26mm Rolex Lady DateJust Karat 29mm


Card Backs

Rolex Using these Cards Rolex Explorer 36mm
Rolex Explorer II 40mm Rolex Submariner 40mm
Rolex Submariner Date Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000
Rolex Yacht-Master 29mm, 34mm, 40mm Rolex functions of the GMT-Master
Rolex GMT-Master Rolex GMT Master II
Rolex Functions of the GMT Master II Rolex Daytona Cosmograph
Rolex Benvenuto Cellini Karat Collections Rolex Cellini Classic Collection
Rolex Midas First Smooth Rolex Midas First
Rolex Quartz Collection Rolex Prince Oyster Date 32mm
Rolex Prince OysterDate Prince Rolex Oyster Tudor Day-Date
Rolex OysterDate Chronograph Tudor Rolex Tudor Oysterdate Submariner
Rolex OysterDate Mini-Sub Tudor Rolex Tudor OysterDate Lady-Sub
Rolex Tudor OysterDate Rolex Prince Quartz-Oysterdate
Rolex Tudor Princess Quartz-Oysterdate Rolex Tudor Monarch Quartz
Rolex Tudor Monarch II Quartz Rolex Tudor Monarch Chronograph Quartz
Rolex Tudor Le Royer Rolex  Ladies' and Mens Tudor Dress