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Washington DC Trip

We visited Washington DC in July 2010.

The top images are of a Roy Lichtenstein sculpture located in the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden between Constitution Avenue and Madison Drive. As I was covering one eye to see the differences in perspectives of the house, my wife snapped a watch pict of my GMT-C.

The images below are of my GMT-C sitting on top of a Boeing 747 front landing wheel assembly. Needless to say, the front wheel is larger in diameter than I am tall.

The third row of images are of Mercury Friendship 7 capsule that John Glen climbed into on February 20th, 1962 while wearing the first Swiss watch that went into space. The particular story of my involvement on re-discovering the first Swiss watch in space is located here.

The last row is the Smithsonian description of Mercury Friendship 7 and a background image of the Capitol steps.



Washington DC  
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