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Visitng Mayan Ruins


In February, 2010, I visited the Mayan ruins in Coba, Quintanna Roo, and the tallest remaining pyramid on the Yucatan peninsula. The lookout / observatory pyramid is on the right, and the bottom left image is taken from the 138ft/42M tall Nohoch Mul pyramid. The skull on the top left was on the ground between two smaller pyramids.

CobaCollage 500

The Nohoch Mul is 138 feet tall/42M, but this images does not do the pyramid justice. The trees in the background are really much shorter. The camera angle of this shot does not fully capture the height of this Mayan marvel. Nohoch Mul
This shot shows how the pyramid was built as exactly (if not exact, then almost) 45 degrees. Look at the angle of the slope as compared to the horizon line. Nohoch Mul 45 Degrees
This image shows how precise the rocks were laid as well as the angle of the pyramid. Nohoch Mul 45 Degrees

This is a larger image from the top. The treeline is almost level in this region. Showing in the bottom left is the lookout/observatory just popping up from the treeline.

My GMT-C on the left, showing local time (GMT -6) and the 24 hour ring on my home local time (GMT -8).

Nohoch Mul Top
This image shows how big each brick is in comparison. Pyramid Steps
Playa del Carmen does have one Rolex Authorized Dealer on the 5th Avenue street market. I could not tell if the workers were installing or repairing the sign as they spent the better part of the day working on it. Rolex Clock
The Authorized Dealer, UltraWatch, shares a storefront with UltraFemme, a cosmetics store. Notice the well armed Federali on the right. Ultra Watch

Driving back from Playa del Carmen to Cancun. Driving in Mexico is not as hectic as driving in Italy, but not as predictable as driving in the States as the road signage are merely suggestions. Nevertheless, I prefer driving in Italy, Mexico, and Europe as driving is similar to being in a bike race.


Driving in Mexico

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