This image came from Don Sinclair after stumbling onto this website. Attached is his image and the story.

G'Day Sheldon, Here is a copy of the newspaper clipping re my GMT Master in 1959.  I recall that as I was a soldier at the time in Malaya, the whole watch including the bezel would glow so much in the jungle at night that I had to cover it up to avoid giving away our position. You could actually read by the glow. When I returned it later to the Rolex agent in Sydney they took it away and when it was returned to me the bezel had been changed to a painted version and the luminous on the dial was greatly reduced.

 After smashing it on some rocks one dark night in 1983, I kept it in its box until a few years ago in answer to an ad in a newspaper I sold it for A$1500. I found out later that the box and original hand written documents from the Swiss observatory were worth even more than that.  Anyway I am now wearing my new GMT Master with pride. As we used to say "Not a watch, but a way of life".Regards Don Sinclair. Bribie Island, Australia

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